Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit GWT Training Course
Introducing Ajax

  •  Life Before Ajax
  •  What, Why and How of AJAX
  •  Overview of XMLHttpRequest, DOM
  •  Basic Ajax Techniques
  •  JavaScript, CSS, JSON

The GWT Framework

  •  Installing GWT
  •  Your First GWT Application
  •  Java – JavaScript Compiler
  •   Integration with IDEs
  •  Running and Debugging
  •  Hosted Mode and Web Mode

Organizing GWT Projects

  •   Directory and Package Layout
  •  Libraries, Modules and XML Configuration
  •  Entry Point Classes
  •   Inheriting Modules
  •  Including External Resources

GWT and Java

  •  Anatomy of the GWT Compiler
  •  Java Language and Library
  •   Delayed Logic Classes
  •  JSON and Overlay Types
  •   JSNI – Calling JavaScript from Java
  •  Deferred Binding

GWT User Interfaces

  •  HTML and Entry Point
  •  Standard GWT Widgets
  •  GWT Panels
  •  Creating new Panels
  •  Layouts

Events and Handlers

  •  Standard Browser Events
  •   Handling Other Events Types
  •  Drag and Drop

Advanced UI Topics

  •  Creating Custom Widgets
  •  Composite Widgets
  •  Creating Composite Widgets
  •  Internationalizing Strings
  •  Locales and Property Files
  •  Accessibility Support
  •  Making Widgets Accessible
  •  History Tokens and Bookmarks
  •  The Back Button Override

Server Side Considerations

  •  Making RPC calls
  •  Creating Services
  •  Synchronous and Asynchronous Interfaces
  •  Handling and Throwing Exceptions
  •  Debugging and Testing Services
  •  Deploying on Application Servers, Google App Engine

Comprehensive Google Web Toolkit Training Course Goals

  •   Understand the challenges of Ajax programming and how GWT addresses them.
  •   Learn about GWT infrastructure, projects and code artifacts.
  •   Learn to use GWT widgets, panels, images, events, listeners to build Ajax forms.
  •   Learn to use GWT Utility and framework classes.
  •   Learn to incorporate history and bookmarks in your front-ends.
  •   Learn about GWT’s RPC protocol and how to use it.
  •   Learn to create and use modules in GWT, own or external.
  •   Learn to use advanced panels, more widgets, trees in GWT.
  •   Learn to use RichTextArea for styled editing in GWT.
  •   Learn to use CSS styling of GWT Widgets.
  •   Learn to develop own composite widgets.
  •   Learn to develop and execute tests and benchmarks in GWT.
  •   Discover the GWT’s Java Emulator, its capabilities and limitations.
  •   Learn to use GWT’s DOM management.
  •   Learn to use JSON within GWT.
  •   Learn to retrieve and show external URLs in GWT forms.
  •   Learn the mechanics of integrating Javascript with Java.
  •   Learn advanced connectivity mechanisms, polling and related concepts.
  •   Learn some best practices on performance and avoiding pit falls.