Duration: 15 Sessions (Including Shared Services) Each Session: 2 Hrs

Introduction to Financial Management

  • About Financial Management
  • Financial Management Features
  • Financial Management Architecture
  • Financial Management Dimensions

Managing Applications

  • Creating Application Profile
  • Defining Application Calendar
  • Defining Frequencies
  • Creating Applications
  • Deleting Applications
  • Opening Applications
  • Registering Application
  • Copying Hyperion Financial Management Applications

Provisioning Users and Groups

  • Creating Users and Groups
  • Provisioning Users and Groups Security
  • About levels of Security
  • Application Settings for Security
  • Assigning Access to Security Classes
  • Running Security Reports

Loading and Extracting

  • Security Information
  • Metadata Information
  • Member list Information
  • Data Information
  • Journals Information
  • Intercompany Information

About Data Explorer Settings

  • Building the Layout
  • Selecting the POV
  • About Member List Selection
  • About POV Checked Items
  • Adding Line Item Detail

About Managing Metadata

  • About Metadata
  • Formatting Metadata Load Files
  • Adding Currencies
  • Metadata File Formats
  • About XML Format
  • Metadata Load options
  • About Database Management
  • Copying Data
  • Clearing Data
  • Delete Invalid Log Files
  • Ownership Management

Creating Member Lists in Financial Management

  • About Member Lists
  • Discussing about Member List Types
  • Creating Member Lists
  • Identifying Member Lists in a File
  • Creating Static & Dynamic Member Lists

Creating Data Grids

  • About Data Grids and Accessing Data Grids
  • Changing the Grid Layout and Display Setting
  • Selecting Members
  • Saving Grid Settings
  • Entering Data and Filling Multiple Cells
  • Spreading and Calculating Data
  • Adding Cell Text and Line-Item Detail
  • Entering Exchange Rates

Creating Data Forms

  • About Data Forms
  • Accessing the Form Builder
  • Defining the Point of View
  • Defining Columns and Rows
  • Setting Row and Column Options and Formulas
  • Exporting Data to Spread Sheet

Managing Journals

  • About Journals and Journal Benefits
  • Creating Journal Templates and Journal Balance Types
  • Creating Auto Reversing Journals
  • Creating Recurring Journals
  • Journal Review Process and the Value Dimension
  • Creating a Journal Report
  • Saving Journal Reports Locally and Remotely

Managing the Review Cycle Using Process Management

  • About Process Control and Process Unit
  • Process Control Security Roles
  • Enabling Process Control and Phased Submissions
  • About Process Control Status
  • Locking and Unlocking Process Units

Creating Task Lists in Financial Management

  • About Task Lists
  • Creating Task Lists
  • Adding Items to Task Lists
  • Managing Task List Items

Assigning Access to Data and Documents

  • Application Settings for Security
  • Data Access and Document Access
  • Security Classes
  • Assigning Access to Security Classes

Managing Intercompany Transactions

  • About Intercompany Transactions
  • Intercompany Account Balances
  • Importance of Plug Accounts
  • Intercompany Eliminations and the Value Dimension
  • Setting Up Entities and Accounts for Intercompany Transactions
  • Creating and Running Intercompany Matching Reports

Running Consolidations

  • Consolidation Process and Percentages
  • Defining Consolidation Methods
  • Entering Consolidation Information Using Ownership Management
  • Running Consolidations
  • Checking Consolidation Status
  • Data Translation
  • Entering Exchange Rates
  • Setting Up Organization by Period

Creating a TASKFLOW

  • About Task Flow
  • Stage Definition – General Tab
  • Stage Definition – Process Tab
  • Stage Definition – Starting Event
  • Monitoring Running Tasks

Rule Basics

  • About Rules Editor
  • Connecting to Financial Management
  • About writing a Simple Rule
  • Loading rules into Financial Management
  • Discussing about Types of Rules
  • About Function Builder
  • Assigning Values to Accounts
  • Setting Values to Multiple Accounts
  • Loading and Extracting Rules