Individual Training

The IT world in changing every other day and so is its requirements. Keeping in mind about the changing needs of contemporary IT industry, Colours IT has come along with innovative IT programs and certifications for individuals, from the proficient and certified trainers, who know the industry inside out.

Professionals who are already into the IT industry or those who are willing to join the industry need to upgrade themselves on a continuous basis to thrive in the industry. From time to time, IT professionals need to shun their skill with the updating technologies. And that is where Colours IT creeps in. With our individual training program, we are focused to create customised training schedule depending on the individual requirements. Our individual training programs provide software access and quality training material to our trainees. The program is also inclusive of interactive sessions, tests and assessment of the individuals. Besides, after the completion of the course,Colours IT offers placement assistance to each of the trainees of our individual training program.