Informatica Administration

Topic Topics covered

Topic 1: Architecture of Power Center (Domain, Node and Services)
Installing Oracle (Pre requsit)
Create domain user and Repository Users & grant Privilages
Installing Informatica ( Server & client tools)

Topic 2: Creating the Repository Service
Creating and Deleting Repository Content
Enabling Version Control
Managing Repository User Connections and Locks
Backing Up and Restoring the Repository

Topic 3 : Creating an Integration Service
Enabling and Disabling the Integration Service
Configuring the Integration Service Properties
Configuring the Associated Repository
Configuring the Integration Service Processes

Topic 4: Managing the Domain
Starting and stopping Informatica services
Configuring Connectivity / Connecting to an Oracle Database (TNS Entry)
Administration Console
Viewing Domain Logs Repo Logs Integration service Logs

Topic 5: Users and User Accounts
Managing Users
Managing Permissions and Privileges
Monitoring User Activity

Topic 6: Using the Repository Manager
Connecting to Domains and Repositories
Viewing Object Dependencies
Validating Multiple Objects
Comparing Repository Objects
Truncating Workflow and Session Log Entries

Topic 7: Folders Overview
Managing Folder Properties
Comparing Folders

Topic 8: Managing Object Permissions
Assigning Permissions
Changing the Object Owner

Topic 9: Working with Versioned Objects
Working with Version Properties
Tracking Changes to Versioned Objects
Checking Out and Checking In Objects
Deleting and Recovering Objects
Purging Versions of Objects

Topic 10: Code Migration Process
Copy Paste
Folder to Folder Copy

Topic 11: Exporting and Importing Objects
Exporting Objects
Importing Objects


Topic 12: Deployment Groups
Create a Deployment Group
Creating Lable
Query Lable and associate objects to a deployment group
Copying the deployment group

Topic 13: Managing Connection Objects
Creating Relational Database Connections
Managing Connection Objects

Topic 14: Working with Workflow Manager
Assigning an Integration Service
Scheduling a Workflow
Validating a Workflow
Manually Starting a Workflow

Topic 15: Monitoring Workflows
Viewing Repository Service Details
Viewing Integration Service Properties
Viewing Repository Folder Details
Viewing Workflow Run Properties
Viewing Session Task Run Properties
Viewing Performance Details
Stopping or Aborting the Workflow
Session and Workflow Logs
Log Events
Working with Log Files
Workflow Logs
Session Logs

Topic 16: Best Practices and procedure of the admin Activities
Command Line referance
Questions relating to the course or out of the course contents