MICROSOFT DYNAMICS AX 2012 Online Training Course Content

Project creation
Field groups
Table creation
Parent/child forms creation
Form creation
Relations between parent/child form lookup
Form Design Controls:
Header & Line Table concept
• Form caption • Variable declaration
• Title field1,Title field2 • Print statements
• Help-Texts Info/Box/Print/Error/warning
• Labels • Control statements
• Form Maximize & Minimize If/while/switch
• Action pane
Accessing the Database:
• New & Delete buttons • Select
• Check Box • While select
• Combo Box • Accessing the Checkbox/Combo Box Fields in the coding
• Radio Button • Index(while select Table name index index name,sorting)
• Unbounded controls • Order by
• Group by
• Join
• Cross company (will see in Container)
• Inserts
• Integrity checking
Difference between Two date values
• From level
• Update Init ()
• Delete_from Init value ()
• Insert Validate write()
By using Index we can sort the records Validate delete ()
If Index does not exist in a particular table
we can use temporary Index “order by” clause in the table.
Modified ()
Insert_Recordset Strnfind function()
Update_Recordset Accessing bounded/unbounded control methods(Auto declaration ‘Yes’)
Queries Accessing checkbox, BaseEnum datatypes in coding
Date functions in the x++
• Table level
Container examples Validate write()
o Condel() ValidateDelete()
o ConPeek() ValidateField()
o Connull() Exist()
o conPoke() Display()
o ConIns()
o Conlen()
• Sample class
• Class level
• Dialog Box class
• Report level
Reports Menu Items
Worked out Examples in 2009/2012: Display Menu Item
Parameters form usage. Parent, child from & opening through Menu item button
How to shutdown the AX Application. Args class examples(default values from parent Table to child Table)
How to get the selected record in the Grid Init () initvalue ()
Image Loading in a form Class factory using
FormSplitter concept Delete Action in Table
Restore the AX Database InfoParts in the Form design
Close the form through coding Extended Data Type use in 2009/2012
SQL Server Database restore Dialog/Dialog field classes
Excel work book operation through Standard AX Classes Dialog Box example through job (AX2009)
Project Import & Export, Comparing the Layer objects while importing Dynamic Look up
SystableLookup class
Eliminating duplicates in the Look up
Look up filtering
Text buffer class
Exception Handling
Number Sequence in 2009/2012

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