BI Apps 7.9.6.x

Training Plan

Week 1:
• Overview on ETL Process
• Introduction and Architecture of Informatica
• Installation of Informatica
• Overview on Informatica Client Tool
• Informatica Design Process
• Creating a Simple Mappings and Workflows
• Executing Work flows
• Hands on Exercise

Week 2:

• Follow up on Previous day Training
• Overview on Transformations
• Working with source Qualifier, Expression, Filter, Router,
Sorter, Aggregator, Rank, Union, Joiner, Normalizer, Lookup, Sequence Generator And
Update Strategy transformation.
• Working with Flat files
• Hands on Exercise

Week 3:

• Reusable Transformations, Mapplets
• Local variables, parameters and Variables
• Workflows Error Handling
• Using debugger
• Working with Slowly Changing Dimensions
• Working with on Administration Console
• Migration of Informatica Repository
• Installation of OBIEE for supporting BI Apps Installation.

Week 4:

BI Apps Training Process:
• Installing BI Apps
• Restoring Informatica Prebuilt Repository
• Configuring the OOTB Domain files
• Configuring Common areas for all modules and for specific Modules
• Exploring BI Apps Out of the Box mappings with Naming convention
• Go through DMR (Data Modeling Reference) document for the specific Apps Version reference
• Keywords, Naming Convention and Working Strategy for the Enhancement of OOTB Mappings
And Development of OOTB Mappings for Any module

Week 5:

DAC Training Process:
• Overview on DAC (Data warehouse Administration Console)
• Architecture and Installation of DAC
• Overview on DAC Client
• Integrating Informatica with DAC
• Creating Oracle Business Analytics warehouse
• Development process in DAC
• Executing Full Load & Incremental Load before Customization
• Monitoring of execution Plans
• Customizing DAC objects and Designing Subject Areas
• Executing Full Load & Incremental Load After Customization
• Import/export of DAC Metadata
• Handling ETL Failures with DAC
• Navigating the DAC Interface
• Real-time View of the BI Apps project with Specification documents