BI-Publisher Course

BI-Publisher (BIP) 11g Course Content


• Introduction to DWH concepts.

• Introduction to OBIEE.

• Introduction to BI-Publishers.

• Overview of Xmlpserver.

• Integration of BIP with OBIEE.


Getting Started with BI Publisher:


• Logging in to Oracle BI Publisher and Navigating the Home Page

• Browsing the Catalog and Viewing the Reports

• Setting Preferences

• Setting Preferences

• Defining a JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) Connection


Creating a Data Model :

• Defining Default Data Source, and Output Options

• Creating a SQL Query Data Set with Parameters and LOVs

• Viewing the XML Output and Saving the Sample Data

• Creating a Report


Building a Layout Using Layout Editor:

  • Launching the Layout Editor and Adding a Grid Layout
  • Working with Charts
  • Adding a Data Table to the Layout
  • Formatting the Data, and Working with the Page Layout Features