Oracle golden gate training

Pre Requisite : Oracle DBA Knowledge
1) Introduction to Oracle Golden Gate
• Oracle Golden Gate Replication Solutions for Live Reporting, Real Time Data Warehousing, Live Standby Database, and High Availability.
• Supported databases and platforms
• Advantages of Oracle Golden Gate
2) Installing Oracle Golden Gate
• Downloading the software from Oracle website.
• Installing Oracle Golden Gate
• Explaining Subdirectories
• Preparing Oracle 11g database for data replication
3) Oracle Golden Gate Technology and Architecture
• Understanding Golden Gate Components: Processes and Files
• Process Data Flow
• GoldenGate Architecture
• Design Considerations
4) Configuring & Preparing the Environment
• Configuring the Manager process
• Describing the Manager Parameters
• Starting the Manager process
• Configuring GLOBALS file
5) Data Definitions File
• Overview of Data Definitions File
• When to use Data Definitions Files
• Types of Data Definitions File
• Configuring Data Definitions File
6) Configuring Change Capture Delivery – With and Without Data Pump
• Preparing a source database for transaction capture
• Describing the high-level configuration steps
• Explaining change capture and delivery with a data pump
• Explaining change capture and delivery without a data pump
• Comparing batch and online operation
• Explaining Oracle Golden Gate Checkpoints
• Describing the Extract process
• Configuring and starting an Extract process
• Adding local and remote trails
• Configuring and starting a data pump
• Explaining the Replicate process
• Configuring a Replicate process
• Starting a Replicate process
• Describing GGSCI commands
• Describing Extract trails and files
7) Configuring Change Capture Delivery – DDL Replication and Initial Data Load
• Overview of DDL synchronization
• Preparing a source database for transaction capture
• Describing the high-level configuration steps
• Configuring Extract and Replicate for DDL replication
• Configuring Initial Data Load using Oracle GoldenGate Extract and Replicate
8) Oracle Golden Gate Commands
• Running Golden Gate commands from the GGSCI prompt
• Running Golden Gate commands from the obey files
• Running Golden Gate commands from the OS shell
• Identifying the types of GGSCI commands available
9) Managing Oracle Golden Gate
• Managing trail files
• Automating process startup
• Using reporting and statistics
10) GoldenGate Security Features
• Using message, trail and password encryption
• Controlling command permissions – CMDSEC file
11) Advanced Configuration: Mapping and manipulating data
• Overview of data mapping and manipulation
• Deciding where data mapping and conversion will take place
• Data Selection and Filtering
• Data Transformation
• Using built-in functions
• Using SQLEXEC to interact directly with a database
12) Troubleshooting Oracle Golden Gate
• Troubleshooting process startup failures
• Troubleshooting slow startup
• Troubleshooting Extract problems
• Troubleshooting missed transactions
• Using the discard file
• Using SHOWSYNTAX to view Replicate SQL statements
• Using the Logdump utility
13) GoldenGate Performance Tuning
• Using BATCHSQL to speed delivery
• Using RANGE Function
• Using parallel Replicate groups on a target system