Oracle Service Bus Suite 12c – Development

• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• OSB Architecture
• Oracle Fusion Middleware stack
• Role of Oracle Service Bus

Predefined Context variables
• Header variables
• Body variables
• Attachments variables
• Fault variable
• Inbound variables
• Outbound variables
• Operation variable

• Expression editor
• Variable structure
• Namespace definitions
• XQuery functions
User defines context variables
• Stage variable / Assign activity
Message Flow Components
• Start node
• Pipeline pair node
• Stage node
• Error handler node
• Branch node
• Route node

Message Processing
• Assign
• Insert
• Delete
• Replace
• Rename
• Java Callout
• Validate
• MFL Transform

• Conditional branching
• Operational branching
Route Node
• Route
• Dynamic Route
o Proxy based
o Business service based
o Routing Options
• Route table
Stage Node
• Flow Control
o For Each
o If Then
o Raise Error
o Reply
o Skip
• Communication
o Publish
o Publish Table
o Dynamic Publish
 Proxy based
 Business service based
 Routing Options
o Service Callout
o Transport Header
• Reporting
o Report
o Log
o Alert
Routing options
OSB to SOA Async integration
Oracle XQuery Mapper
Dynamic XQuery
XSLT Mapper
Xpath Functions and Custom Xpath functions
Exception handler

Split-Join patterns
• Receive node
• Reply node
• Parallel node
• Assign node
• Invoke Service node
• Input and Output variables
• Exporting the Split-Join flow
Transports in Oracle Service Bus
• File Interaction
o using File Adapter
o using File Transport
• JMS Interaction
o JMS Transport
o JMS Adapter
• DB Adapter
• AQ Adapter
• SOA-DIRECT Transport
• OSB support for REST

Oracle Service Bus Security
• Introduction to OSB Security
Securing OSB with OWSM