Oracle Apps Project Accounting

Project Billing
1. Introduction to Projects & Billing Terms
2. Overview of Contract Projects
3. Flows for Entering a Contract Project
4. Billing Setup
5. Capture Expenditure Information
6. Agreement
7. Project Funding
8. Entering Revenue Budgets :
9. Billing Methods
9.1 – Billing Rates
9.1.1– Bill Rate Schedule
9.1.2 – Burden Schedule & Labor Multiplier:
10. Entering Events
11. Generation of Revenue :
11.1 – Generate Draft Revenue
11.2 – Diagram Revenue Flow
12. Invoicing a Project
12.1- Diagram Invoice Flow
13. Integrating with Oracle Receivables
13.1- Diagram Flow of invoice during interface from PA to AR
14. Tieback Invoices from Oracle Receivables
15. The Complete Diagram presentation of Complete Billing Cycle in PA
Project Costing

  • Introductions to Projects and the various Terms used
  • Mode of Entering Cost to Projects
  • Directly or Manually entering Cost in Projects
  • Processing Pre–Approved Expenditures
  • Copying an Expenditure Batch
  • Costs Interfaced from Oracle Applications
  • Employee Controls with Expense Reports Entered in Oracle Payables
  • Expense Reports Imported into Oracle Projects
  • Expense Reports Entered in Oracle Internet Expenses
  • Expense Reports Entered in Payables
  • Supplier Invoice Entered in Payables
  • Steps for bringing the Supplier Invoice to Projects
  • Integrating with Oracle Assets.
  • Integrating with Oracle Project Manufacturing
  • Importing Project Manufacturing Costs
  • Integrating with Oracle Inventory
  • Steps for Integration with Oracle Inventory
  • Entering Project–Related Transactions in Oracle Inventory
  • Transferring Inventory Costs to Oracle Projects
  • Importing Inventory Transactions
  • Integrating with Oracle Time & Materials
  • Interfaced from other Non-Oracle Applications
  • Uploading Expenditure Batches from Microsoft Excel
  • Steps To download an entry template
  • Steps To upload spreadsheet entries to Oracle Projects
  • Commitment Costs