Salesforce Lightning

Prerequisite is to have a basic knowledge on SFDC


Lightning Experience

1.         Introduction to Lightning Experience

2.         Lightning Component Framework

3.         Introduction to aura framework

Migration Assistance

1.         Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization

2.         Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience Vice-Versa

Domain Management

1.         What is Domain Management?

2.         Creating Custom Domain for organization

3.         Configuring Custom Domain

4.         Configuring Authentication Setting for your Domain

Debugging in Lightning Experience

1.         Lightning Inspector

2.         Installing Lightning Inspector Extension

3.         Enabling of Debug mode in Lightning Components

Static Resource

1.         What is Static Resource?

2.         Steps for Creating Static Resource

3.         Stylesheet Creation using Static Resource

Lightning Component

1.         Using Lightning Component for embedding Static Resource


1.         What is CSS?

2.         Types of CSS



  1. Creating Namespace for your organization
    1. Lightning Resource

      1.         Creation of Lightning Resource using Console

      2.         Lightning Application

      3.         Lightning Component

      4.         Lightning Interface

      5.         Lightning Event

    2. Lightning Component Bundle

      1.         Steps for creating Lightning Component

      2.         Component

      3.         CSS Styles

      4.         Controller

      5.         Design

      6.         Documentation

      7.         Re-render

      8.         Helper

      9.         SVG File

Component IDs

1.         Local IDs

2.         Global IDs


1.         Value Providers

2.         Global Providers

3.         Global ID

4.         $Browser

5.         $Label

6.         $Locale

7.         $Resource

Custom Labels

1.         What is Custom Labels?

2.         Steps for Creating Custom Labels

3.         Getting Label in Javascripts

4.         Setting Label using Parent Attributes

Component Documentation

  1. Creating Component Documentation
  2. Designing in lightning Experience


Lightning Application Bundle

1.         Steps for creating Lightning Application

2.         Application

3.         Controller

4.         Helper

5.         Style

6.         Documentation

7.         Renderer

8.         SVG

9.         Adding of SVG resource to Component Bundle

10.       Adding Lightning Component to application

Tabs and App Launcher

1.         Adding of lightning components to custom tab(lightning tab)

2.         Adding of lightning page to custom tab(lightning page tab)

3.         Adding of lightning components to app launcher


1.         What is Salesforce1?

2.         Installing of Salesforce1 Simulator

3.         Adding of Custom Tabs to Salesforce1


Lightning Experience

1.         Lightning Pages

2.         Lightning App Builder

3.         Adding Lightning Components to Lightning Page

VisualForce Pages

  1. Displaying of Lightning Application in Visualforce Page


1.         What is Event?

2.         Creating Custom Component Event

3.         Registering an Event

4.         Handling Component Event

DML Operations

1.         Insertion of data into object

2.         Retrieving Data from particular object

AURA Framework

1.         Input Components

2.         Output Components

Lightning Components

Force Components

Lightning Interface

Lightning Interface