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Business Analysis is the process of understanding business change needs, assessing the impact of those changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and then supporting the communication and delivery of those requirements with relevant parties.
Training Objective of BA:
Take control of your business requirements practices today and reap the benefits of reduced costs and payback times, shorter project durations, and improved scope definition tomorrow. Corporate Education Group‘s business analysis training programs will help you and your organization understand true business requirements, and consistently propose effective solutions that meet those requirements.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
There is no defined way to become a business analyst. Often the BA has a technical background, whether having worked as a programmer or engineer, or completing a Computer Science degree. Others may move into a BA role from a business role – their status as a subject matter expert and their analytical skills make them suitable for the role. Business analysts may overlap into roles such as project manager or consultant. When focused on specific systems, the term Business Systems Analyst may be used.

A BA does not always work in IT-related projects, as BA skills are often required in marketing and financial roles as well.
Importance of BA in the industry
Roles and Responsibilities of BA
Skills required for the role
Deliverables of a BA
How is the current market for BA
What is a Software project
What is SDLC
Different phases of SDLC
How as a BA we get involved in different phases of SDLC
Requirement Engineering
What is Requirement Engineering
Problems with Requirement Practices
Different Requirement Engineering Tasks
Processes to be followed to gather requirements
Typical questions to be asked to the business team while gathering requirements
Project Case Study
An example project to discuss a real life scenario
How the requirement engineering concepts can be implemented in an example project.
Real life scenarios to discuss each concept
Use Cases
What is a Use Case
Different sections of a use case document
How to prepare a use case document
Use Case Templates
Real life example of a use case document
Assignment on Use Case document
Requirement Prioritization
Why to prioritize requirements
Factors to consider while prioritizing requirements
Participants of Requirement Prioritization
Process to follow while prioritizing requirements
Requirement Prioritization Model
Traceability Matrix
Purpose of Traceability
Significance of Traceability
What is Traceability Matrix
Why it is use
How traceability matrix is use to do Gap Analysis
System Quality Attributes
What are System Quality Attributes
What are the various SQA
UML Diagrams(class,state,interaction)
Non Functional Requirements
What are non functional requirements
What is the significance of non functional requirements
How the non functional requirements are gathered
Non functional requirements document template
System Requirement Specification
What is a SRS document
What are the various sections of SRS document
How a SRS document is prepared
SRS document template
Flow Chart
What is flow chart diagram
Different symbols used in a Flow chart diagram
How flow chart diagram is used in a software project
How flow chart diagrams can be draws using Microsoft Visio
Real life example of a flow chart diagram
Wireframes or Mock-ups
What is a wireframe
Why is wireframe used
How a wireframe can be drawn using Microsoft Visio
An example wireframe
Software Development Methodologies
What are the various software development methodologies
Pros and cons of each of the methodologies
How as a BA we get involved in the different methodologies
Which are the most popular methodologies
Detail discussion on Agile methodology
Basic concepts of Software testing
Different types of testing
Difference between Manual and automation testing
Various levels of software testing
Testing artifacts
Step by step process of software testing
Test case document
Real life example of a test case document
Role of a BA during testing
Project Management concepts
Roles and responsibilities of a project manager
What can be the involvement of BA in Project Planning
Data Modeling and Database Management system
What is data modeling
What is entity and attributes
What are relationships
What is ERD
Basic concepts of Database management systems
Master and Transaction tables
Primary Key
Basics of SQL
What is UML
Why it is used
UML Diagrams (Activity, Use Case)

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