Manual Testing

Course Content
1. Introduction to testing
a. Why testing
b. Verification and validation

a. V- Model Testing

3. Software Testing Techniques
a. Static testing
b. Dynamic testing
i. White box
ii. Black Box Testing
iii. Experience Based Testing

4. Test Strategy and Planning

a. Test Strategy
b. Test Planning

5. Types of testing
a) Functional Testing
i. Unit Testing
ii. Integration Testing
iii. Smoke Testing
iv. System Testing
v. Regression Testing
vi. User Acceptance Testing
vii. Globalization Testing
viii. Localization Testing
b) Non Functional Testing
i. Performance Testing
ii. Compatibility Testing
iii. Data Migration Testing
iv. Data Conversion Testing
v. Security / Penetration Testing
vi. Usability Testing
vii. Install/Uninstall Testing
viii. SOA Testing

6. Automation Testing
a. Introduction
b. Why Automation Testing
c. Automation Life Cycle

7. Testing Terminology

8. Common Terms used in testing

9. FAQ’s