TIBCO iProcess

Course Structure:

Unit 1: Procedure design
Lab A: Using different step types to define your Procedure

Unit 2: Enhancing and Routing iProcess Engine Forms
Lab B: Enhancing and Routing iProcess Engine Forms

Unit 3: Introduction to Functions
Lab C: Define Functions in iProcess Engine forms

Unit 4: Scripts and Priority Assignments
Lab D: Scripts and Priority Assignments

Unit 5: Files and Messages
Lab E: Manipulating Files and Messages

Unit 6: Events and Sub-Procedures
Lab F: Working with Events and Sub-Procedures

Unit 7: External Product Integration with the iProcess Engine
Lab G: Integrating with External Resources

Unit 8: iProcess Client (Browser)
Lab H: Working with the iProcess Client (Browser)

Unit 9: Summary
Appendix A: Common Operating System Tasks
Appendix B: Final Scenario
Appendix C: iProcess Engine Key Words Project Overview

Apart from these some part of EAI steps is also included in iProcess Training