IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Administration

Course introduction

Installing and configuring WebSphere Commerce

Exercise: Configuring WebSphere Commerce V7 and installing fix packs and feature packs

Administering WebSphere Commerce

Exercise: Publishing a sample store

Deploying WebSphere Commerce stores

Exercise: Publishing a customized starter store

Troubleshooting and performance monitoring

Exercise: Troubleshooting log files

Managing organizations and users

Exercise: Managing access control policies

Web services and the messaging infrastructure

Exercise: Configuring the job scheduler and messaging infrastructure

The loader utility and updating WebSphere Commerce stores

Exercise: Updating WebSphere Commerce stores

Ongoing maintenance

Exercise: Maintaining a WebSphere Commerce store


Exercise: Establishing security in a WebSphere Commerce site


Exercise: Installing and configuring mobile and social commerce features

Administering add-on features

Exercise: Administering add-on features

Administering the payment infrastructure

Exercise: Configuring the payment infrastructure